I'm Anders Boegebeck a Danish Blogger, Engineer, Investor & Trader

My name is Anders Boegebeck and I'm currently working as a production engineer.

During the latest years, I have been working on finding my true values in life. I discovered how important financial freedom and taking control of my life was. This is not only benefitting me, but all society. That's because, money is not evil in the sense that it gives you choices. Every dollar is like a vote in life. The more votes you get, the more you decide the outcome of your life. Therefore, it is not greedy to want choice and help society become richer.

I have started this blog to guide you in the right direction to take control of your financial future. There is a lot of misled information out there, but I will give you the honest approach based on my own experience and thorough research in the markets.

I will guide you to focus on getting wealthier slowly. All the scams will be revealed. There is no free lunch or magic ball out there. I promise you!

The blog will walk your through these critical subjects: real estate investing, trading financial products, prudent economics, personal wealth journey, practical implementation tips