Different ways to use PE ratios when valuating stocks

October 7, 2020 Investing 184 Comments

This post explains how to look at valuation. You will see, that there are a lot of different elements, which make up the fair value. Amongst those are the type of company one is analyzing.

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How to build the best stock portfolio with Portfoliovisualizer

July 27, 2020 Trading 90 Comments

The market can trick you from time to time. Who wants to make good gains and then give it all back, once the market crashes? Sounds familiar? Read on to learn how to prevent these scenarios and achieve high risk-adjusted returns.

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Why fundamental analysis is not working in the stock market

July 25, 2020 Trading 60 Comments

I will discuss the inner workings of the stock market and what you should focus on when making trading bets. Check the post out to see whether fundamental or technical analysis work.

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The different type of risks a stock-trader faces

July 20, 2020 Investing 1 Comment

Have you put a thought into all the different risks a trader / investor puts on? Read on to discover and implement them all. At the end, I will discuss a wonderful thing about reducing risk.

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The importance of risk-adjusted returns and hedging

July 13, 2020 Trading 1 Comment

Here is a quick brush up of the different hedging strategies. These are very important to give a thought to become a succesful trader. It’s all about risk-adjusted returns to succeed in the long-run!

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How to pick swing trading winners

July 8, 2020 Trading 1 Comment

Have you ever wondered how to pick good trade candidates? It is not as hard as you may think. I will help you in this post.

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What is the best fund to invest in?

July 6, 2020 Investing 1 Comment

In this post, I will explain how to create a thought-process for a passive fund investment. Funds are not just funds and risk management should be your highest focus-point. These funds have highly outperformed the SPY!

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Need a car? Think twice – this is how much it really costs you

June 25, 2020 Economics 1 Comment

The two biggest cash thieves are cars and homes. Here I will walk you through, how expensive a decent car really is. It’s much bigger than what most people think.

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Your house is not an asset! Here is the evidence

June 22, 2020 Real Estate 1 Comment

In this post, I will reveal all the fallacies of buying a house as an “investment”. All the numbers and risks will be shown and it just doesn’t make sense to call your house an asset! The mainstream belief that real estate always appreciates will be discussed.

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How to trade options – the right way

June 15, 2020 Trading 5 Comments

I will discuss how to get the right mindset about options and how they should be used the right way to protect your portfolio. A trader must recognize market risk and hedging in constructing a solid portfolio.

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Free rental property calculator

June 13, 2020 Real Estate 1 Comment

Here is a free rental property calculator, which you can use to scan for investment properties. It is actually really simple calculations and you will ensure a great return on equity with a thorough approach.

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Why holding on to a stock is a bad strategy

June 10, 2020 Investing 1 Comment

This post challenges the idea, that you always should hold on to a stock. Learn how to use trader techniques to profit more!

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Could 1:2 Risk/Reward be the best for swing trading?

June 6, 2020 Trading 1,138 Comments

I will help you understand the different risk management strategies and the statistics behind them. Use them to improve your risk management for your trades.

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Why you should trade the stock market and not invest in it

Investing 1,531 Comments

This post will explain why I commit capital to trading the stock market and not investing in the stock market.

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